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Welcome to FreeASPHosting.Net, the web’s first-ever dedicated service to offers you free ASP.NET hosting with your personal and free web developer. We offer you unprecedented access to your very own programmer to help you create your website, application, blog, or e-commerce store – free of charge. You imagine it, we develop it at FreeASPHosting.NET

21 thoughts on “Free ASP.NET Hosting with

  1. My question, besides being glad, why it is free?
    I worried if my site shutting down so I would like to pay
    Where the price list?

  2. Do not use this service if you plan to have an application which has to be stable all the time. Their servers are currently down and they do not have any support services as well, not to mention you can't get a backup of your database. I have been trying to contact them for a year now and they still do not reply.

  3. I can no longer login using my account. My site is also down. Tried click forgot password and they sent me my password but still unable to login. No error message during login. Tried to contact support twice but no response. Totally disapointed

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