Hosting A Special PERSON || Ranting || MORE Baby Gift || Met AMAZING Women || LETS Go To Asaba

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43 thoughts on “Hosting A Special PERSON || Ranting || MORE Baby Gift || Met AMAZING Women || LETS Go To Asaba

  1. those shoes are so cute, God bless her for us, God bless you @ Dasylvia Onu Nwanyi oma, see yummy Abacha so juicy, @ Ogom's Series our Lolo Biko come and answer Varm Varm Varmu 😂😂, nnem this pregnancy as really changed your look am happy for you as always, God will continue to strengthen you and our twins in Jesus name❤

  2. Lily I beg u in the name of Jesus who is this lady wearing snake dress in ur house she is a witch pls seek deliverance for u n ur babies lily god is not happy pls draw closer to jesus right now n stop accepting things from enemies depend on ur family n god contact me immediately 4089123032

  3. God bless your friend that bought some gift for the kids. It's really good to have a friend who knows how to drive mainly at a time like this when your husband is very busy, you guys have given the hair a new name 'mpi nkpi'😂the hair is very fine and looks nice on your face.

  4. I enjoyed every bit of this vlog 🥰🥰🥰🥰 these twins are really Angels sent to put smile in your family and we your supporters on YouTube.

  5. I'm always happy when u post can't wait for u to put to birth so u can give us those hot hot content u used to post before🥰🤗 u doing well mama u nearly there keep pushing ♥️♥️

  6. I've been smiling 😃 since I started watching. Thank you o dasyliva hair🤣. Oma why na😒. Mummy twins how far?🥰… regards to daddy twins

  7. The seriousness on your hubby's face makes me laugh so hard. He will keep face like he won't answer but then he will dive to answer 🤣😅😂and you sef u no dey look him face when u want him to say "hi". Love you guys 😘

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