Hosting the Holidays

When your husband agrees to host the family get-together WITHOUT ASKING YOU! Yeah, that. Time to whip out the Clorox to set the stage for holiday memories. Happy Holidays everyone! #spon


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33 thoughts on “Hosting the Holidays

  1. I love all your videos, even the sponsored ones are funny because of you and your beautiful family. I do miss your singing, though, you have an amazing voice and your parody videos are wonderful.😁 Happy Holidays everyone.

  2. You remind me of my mom before company arrives at our house, the kitchen and bathrooms have to be spotless, and she will actually pay for me to go buy dinner just so I don't make a mess of the kitchen.

  3. "effortless" :/( there you go, mom's are always hidden superheroes)
    My mom, my superhero ❤️.
    Value your mom's efforts ♥️.
    (amazing video by the way :))

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