15 thoughts on “Install and Setup SNMP Ubuntu

  1. Hi, i have a question – is it possible to run SNMP on linux servers and run some kind of SNMP monitoring interface application on windows that will gather the details from the linux servers and display them in graphs and such ? Thanks

  2. hey there ! nice vdo, can u pls also share how to enable snmptrapd in order to receive interface up down alerts of my lan/wan devices in my ip pool range. A prompt help would be highly appreciated.

  3. Brilliant! please let me know if the following is correct:
    snmpd gets installed in to the Monitoring computer(server)
    snmp gets installed in the client computer (host)or other device

  4. I will test this on my Ubuntu box later today! Did you also get this working on your mac? i'm trying to monitor my Macbook so it's no mac server. I have a great link that explains how to set it up..

    Could you maybe make a video about NET-SNMP as well?
    Let me know what you think! Thank you very much!

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