Installing Debian Linux on the NAS SS4000E

In this video I share my experience installing Debian on the SS4000e. In the clip I have some errors. Firstly the device is the SS4000e, not the S4000e, and the settings for the serial cable are: 115200, 8N1. The video show how to install using the debian-installer. More info can be found here.

Correct wiring can be found here (2nd table)

I used OpenShot to edit this video and it seems to have a problem syncing the sound and video. There are several spots where the video waits to play catch -up to the sound. In addition I could not export the sound to try and run it through a “levelator” of some kind.

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  1. @MXClarke Thanks for the reply mate, in the end what i did was I got a gender changer and connected it to my DIL10 to DB9 addapter ( got one from an ancient PC ). After that I pulled some plugs off a serial port on an old motherboard, stuck that in the other side, and soldered a female DB9 to the plugs. Got it up and working , just waiting for the kernel to finish installing and i'll be on my way! Big thanks for this video and everyone's help!

  2. Hi @MrBlooballs I got the parts for the cable at an electronic shop in Durban but comminica, in Midrand should have the parts too. They have a web site should be able to get supplies from there.

  3. Thank you for the video on this. Since Intel stopped support on this device and the software was never that great, I have been looking for a replacement OS.
    I will give this process a go – hope I do not brick it !

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