MonoGame on Debian/Ubuntu – XNA development on Linux

MonoGame is an open-source implementation of Microsoft XNA, allowing you to write cross-platform games originally intended for Windows, Xbox 360 or Windows Phone on new platforms not supported by Microsoft’s stack – Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, Linux, and more.

This video shows you how to install and use MonoGame on Ubuntu Linux, to write your first cross-platform XNA game.

Just follow these instructions, and you can write the next Bastion! – project homepage – project source repository – Ubuntu Linux homepage – Debian Linux homepage – packages for Ubuntu 12.04 – donate to support .NET on Debian/Ubuntu efforts

13 thoughts on “MonoGame on Debian/Ubuntu – XNA development on Linux

  1. @directhex thanks for uploading this video!
    BTW: if the apt-get install monodevelop-monogame command complains that it can't "find" monogame then add the repository after installing MonoDevelop via PPA
    sudo apt-add-repository ppa:directhex/ppa
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install monodevelop

  2. Seriously?!!? sudo apt-get install monodevelop-monogame?!!? I feel like an idiot xD I was trying to build it from source, and making it way harder than it needed to be.

  3. These are 3D games, which require XNA 3 or higher. The current stable version of MonoGame only targets XNA 2. There's work ongoing for 3D support (in the develop3d branch on github), but this won't be part of Debian 7.0

    When MonoGame 3 ships, I'll package it.

  4. @directhex this is really awesome! did you try to run successfully Kenta Cho's MazerMayhem and GearToyGear? i'm really curious about playing them on Linux! 🙂

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