Which OS can I install in Contabo

Which OS can I install in Contabo?

VPS providers that I recommend : https://bizanosa.com/article/recommended-vps-providers-by-ricky-wahowa/

If you want to set up a VPS on Contabo, which operating system can you install? This video will go to the Contabo VPS page to deploy a server. You will then see all the OS options that you can install on your VPS server.

Contabo is a German Web hosting company that provides VPS, VDS, dedicated servers and other server hosting related products. Contabo provides cheap VPS hosting .

VPS – Virtual private Servers
VDS- Virtual Dedicated servers

Is Contabo a cloud? yes Contabo is a Cloud provider. You can provision VPS or VDS servers and interconnect them through the new Contabo VPC.

Contabo VPC – Contabo Virtual Private Cloud.

You can deploy dedicated servers and more.
Contabo provides the server infrastructure that allows you to host websites, set up torrenting, manage DB servers, Mail servers and so on.

You can do whatever you like with your Server.

Ways to pay for your server: You can use debit card, Credit card and PayPal to pay automatically or to set up manual payment.

What server OS do I recommend?
If you are a beginner, I recommend Ubuntu server. Contabo has the latest Ubuntu server. Always use an Ubuntu LTS version such as 2.04, 22.04 and so on. If you install Ubuntu 22.04 check out my Ubuntu 22.04 Initial server setup here : https://bizanosa.com/ubuntu-22-04-initial-server-setup-vultr/.

I also recommend Debian. Debian is a stable and secure OS. If you are uncertain about Ubuntu, use Debian. If you set up Debian, here is my Debian initial server setup https://bizanosa.com/setup-linux-server-vps-using-git-bash/.

You could also use RHEL based Operating systems such as AlmaLinux, RockyLinux and CentOS.

Once you install an Operating System and you are looking for an easy way to run a website. A website such as WOrdPress, Magento, PrestaSHop etc, you can use a Free Control panel such as HestiaCP.
hestia CP is a Free control panel which is lightweight and easy to use and set up. Here is my HestiaCP tutorial Playlist : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4KqxCegZMk0&list=PLhhBJ0l9FKMP9kF9CC-m1xXwLMgIxz13s


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