Workday's Next Generation Private Cloud

Workday has built one of the largest OpenStack-based private clouds in the world, hosting a workload of over a million physical cores on over 16,000 compute nodes in 5 data centers for over ten years. However, there was a growing need for a newer, more maintainable deployment model that would closely follow the upstream community. We would like to share our new architecture and deployment approach as well as lessons learned from our experience.

We’ve converted many of our technologies in the process, from…

-Migrating from Mitaka, to Victoria

-Converting from OpenContrail, to pure L3 Calico with BGP on the host

-Deploying with Chef, to deploying with Ansible

-Building home-grown container images, to Kolla

-Monitoring with Sensu and Wavefront, to Prometheus and Grafana

-CI/CD in Jenkins, to Zuul

-CentOS 7, to CentOS 8 Stream

We’ll also talk about some internal tools we wrote that, while Workday-specific, may inspire you to see what value-add you can make for your customers.

Jan Gutter, Silvano Buback

Thank you to the Sponsors of the OpenInfra Summit Berlin 2022!

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