20 Something Diaries | prepping for an event, hosting galentine's day, addressing an issue

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Hi Friends,

It’s been a tough week. I hope y’all are staying warm and safe. Sending love.



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37 thoughts on “20 Something Diaries | prepping for an event, hosting galentine's day, addressing an issue

  1. is there any fb pages I can connect to related to asian community in facebook? I am scared I have never stepped out of my country now I am planning to move to nyc all alone by myself will I be safe I am scared 😷

  2. I was watching this video with my 3 yr old, and she suddenly says "oh my god mammy, she's so beautiful! You are so beautiful girlie 💗 " she thinks you can see us cos you're talking to the camera 😂

  3. As a fellow New Yorker, I can confirm how scary it’s been – even as someone who isn’t Asian or a woman. My doors are always locked and I stand in the center of the platform now. Thanks for creating safe spaces and unity where you can. It takes us all being cognizant and active to make change and create a safer New York.

  4. Hi Julia! I enjoy watching your videos! I’m so sorry for everything that is going on. Please stay strong and take care of yourself. Is a hard world the one we’re living in right now. I send my love to you and your community. From a Mexican subscriber ❤️

  5. I am horrified about what is happening to your Asian community. I live in PA and it's not really covered in MSM which is inexcusable. Prayers for everyone's safety and wellness and hopefully things can get turned around soon so you can feel free to enjoy your life without fear.

  6. I have been thinking about Christina Yuna Lee every single day and the safety of our community is weighing heavily on my mind too. I appreciate and respect you more because you addressed this so thank you 🙏

  7. I'm white (caucasian) but I will never shut up about these racial issues and inequality. It's infuriating because even if we talk about it, there is no end to the violence. I'm so so sorry you have to feel unsafe in your own community it honestly breaks my heart. But you are an inspiration for being such a busy young woman and still giving your time for the non profit, I know that even if it may seem like it's not enough it IS making a difference. Sending you strength and love xx

  8. It would be pretencious for be to say "stay strong" or "Hang in there" when I'm also not there. The city has slowly been getting worse with crime but this year has by far been a stark rise in just overall everything. Everyday it's news about someone new being robbed or stabbed or killed or something else. It's beyong depressing because everyone is still dealing with the solitary side effects of 2 years of full blown COVID. If you feel like it's too much, I would suggest taking a break from the news while continuing to stay vigilant of the time of day and your surroundings. Keeping a keychain alarm is also something you should get just to have. I wish you well Julia. Stay safe.

    btw: I never really comment on your vidoes but they have been a from of connection and comfort for me over the past few months. Thank you for your hard work.

  9. I can’t tell you how much I look forward to your videos. I haven’t been haven’t the best time in 2022, but I always feel a warmth and light watching your videos. Thank you for that Julia 🤍

  10. first of all your vlog is always beautiful I love your editing skills, the ending is unexpected, emotional, and strong I am so glad for your statement. Stay safe!

  11. I really appreciate your authenticity. My heart sank when I heard about Christina Yuna Lee and Michelle Go in the news. Everyone deserves to feel safe and I hope we can achieve that type of world one day. We must continue to lift up our communities! Thank you for all your hard work ❤️

  12. Hearing you and sending love your way, and yes, please do speak out as you feel the need. I value your videos for their peaceful quality, but it’s also important to be real, and sadly that includes acknowledging the appalling violence against women and against the Asian community. I hope your hard work helps ❤️

  13. I like your videos. I just feel you are only willing to help the Asian community and don’t acknowledge any other races. Many people are being killed, not just Asians. There are plenty of other communities who need food drives, not just Asians. You seem to only help your kind. Are you racist?

  14. Im so sorry about the women that were killed its horrendous but its not only Asian women its all women in NY and all over the world my sister lives in Manhattan and she has been mugged twice once had to go to ghe hospital and she is white it doesn't matter what race you are imo its whoever these evil people set their sights on on any given day i pray for all the beautiful women out there wherever you are to stay safe!!.❤❤❤❤

  15. I think you ended this video on the exact note that was needed. I can't imagine why any human targets another for any reason and especially race. Thank you for always being authentic and please do stay alert and in groups. ❤

  16. It's so tragic and sad how much this country has lowered itself, no doubt largely due to one man, Trump, and his white supremacist cohorts. Obviously racism is a huge problem already, but it's on steroids ever since he got into office. Am so sorry you have to suffer for it. You'd think this pandemic woukd have brought everyone closer together, but just the opposite happened, and the weird just got weider. Of course this is quite negative view, but I think there's a some truth to it.

  17. First of all, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: your vlogs are SO chill and serene and put me on the best mood.
    Second, thank you for being so open and honest about the struggles the Asian community is facing, and thank you for showing how you give back to the community and all the hard work you are doing to help rebuild and bring awareness. It’s so important and such a great reminder to get involved and to stand up for each other. You’re so incredibly inspirational, and I really appreciate how you aren’t afraid to be real and talk about the things that need to be talked about. Stay well!

  18. I will never understand why people bring so much violence and hate toward people they don't even know. Like everyone is equal, one race/ethnicity doesn't have more power over another. Just be safe out there, and if you can walk in groups so you are less likely to get attacked. Love you! <3

  19. Julia I am absolutely heartsick to hear about the evil occurring in the Asian community. You are a breath of fresh air. Keep safe and don’t let the acts of a few take away your joy. Believe in people. Many of us are good and love each other. Prayers for you, your family and friends ! ❤️

  20. Don’t ever apologize for speaking out the injustice in this evil world we live in, You’re brave to bring these issues to light. SILENCE TO INJUSTICE, IS A LIKE A CO-SIGN!!!

  21. Sending you virtual hugs Julia! It’s a difficult time right now, and everyone is shaken up from the news, but its great to see how much you’re giving back to the community ❤️

  22. Julia, sending you love and hugs from across the water and I'm so sorry to hear about the recent murder and ongoing hate crimes. All I can say is hang in there and you are right to always value and prioritise your friendships and support network. xxx

  23. I came across this video and I wasn’t expecting the ending but thank you for addressing the horrific murder of Christina Yuna Lee. It’s been weighing on everyone’s minds here in NYC and we’re also feeling hopeless, frustrated and fearful. It’s draining to constantly have to worry about our loved ones and to always be in a fight-or-flight mode. We’re all feeling the same way as you right now; stay safe and take care of yourself!

  24. I think it's so amazing how much energy you put into spreading the word about this cause – the rise in hate crimes driven by racism and the effects of the pandemic towards is heart breaking. It must be very hard to handle this environment. I send you love and well wishes and energy and peace xxx

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