34 thoughts on “Hosting in the Summer of 2022 Meltdown

  1. Hi sean,
    Not sure if this has been mentioned in one of your past videos, but here is the question I have after watching this video:

    How many apartment doors do I need to have before I have to stop relying on third party cleaning service and start hiring housekeeper myself?


  2. How do the landlords of the properties feel about you doing Airbnb in their property ? I’m really wondering about the insurance implications for this – if their insurer does not know it’s being used for Airbnb and there’s a fire, for example, the insurer could decline to cover. Also – do you give them a cut of the short term rental income ? I don’t see the benefit to the landlord to allow you to arbitrage tbh.

  3. Great vid Sean. I reached 150 doors I own 6 of them, the rest are all leases. The best part of running at this size is adaptability and implementing economies of scale. Like you said, you become dangerous ⚔️

  4. I just inherited 30 homes. The majority of them are worth between $5M and $7.25. Some of the them have tenants while the others do not. All of them are SFH and are already paid for (no mortgage) how do I go about making the best of this situation with STR’s and a recession looming?

  5. Millions of BTC has been lost to broken hard drives lost cold wallets and lost passwords. BTC can never go to zero because it will always look like someone is holding BTC to all inactive coin

  6. Since you use wheelhouse and I am sure somekind of PM are you having issues with the new update? I was told from Wheelhouse that Airbnb changed the IP and is not letting more than one 3rd software attached to an Airbnb accounts. Is it different with Co-Host accounts on setting up these 3rd party tools? It’s been such a big issue right now with the updates

  7. Been listening to you since I started with one apartment and now I have three Airbnb‘s that I own and eight that I manage for others. Cohosting has become my form of arbitrage in the sense that I’m risking a lot less capital and just using knowledge to get the money. Anyways I always appreciate your insight and I was waiting to see what you would say about all the fud in 2022.

  8. People don’t go into the direction of the herd. Go opposite

    Everybody jumping on Airbnb. Go opposite 🤦🏻‍♀️

  9. How do you think the up economic recession will affect the Airbnb market? Gas and inflation prices are up and companies reducing their workforce. Do you think we will see a significant reduction in people traveling.

  10. Thank you so much for this video. I am planning on starting in the renter arbitrage business and everything has been saying wait until after we come out of the recession.

    I wasn’t sure exactly what I should do. This video was AWESOME!

  11. Just started last week and the house is currently booked, quick flip, and booked for 31 days ending in July. I keep seeing this "end of the world" talk everywhere and don't see it yet. Look at all of the people who need travel, there are tons out there.

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