Nicest Looking Linux Distro? MeX Linux 220617

In This Video We Are Looking At a new version of MeX, in which I’ve included Kodi Matrix 19.4 – latest version. Kodi is an award-winning free and open source (GPL) software media player and entertainment hub that can be installed on Linux, OSX, Windows, iOS, tvOS and Android.

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Nicest Looking Linux Distro? MeX Linux 220617

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It is designed around a “10-foot user interface” for use with televisions and remote controls.
Kodi runs very well in MeX. On a web site called FireStickTricks you can find instructions how to install 27 (?!) extra Kodi Builds with their own repositories and skins. The article is called Best Kodi Builds December 2022. I’ve tried Grindhouse today. Works very well. Otherwise MeX version 220617 works in the same way as previous versions.

Mex Linux is no longer based on Linux Mint. MeX Build 220617 is based only on Debian Sid and Ubuntu 22.04 Jammy Jellyfish. I have replaced the original kernel (5.15) with “my” special kernel 5.18.3-amd64-exton. All installed packages in MeX Linux have been upgraded to the latest version by 220617. This version of MeX uses the Ubuntu Desktop Minimal. I.e. Gnome 40. The very nice icon theme Papirus is installed and used.

MORE MeX NEWS 220617
1. The MeX ISO is now a ISO-hybrid, which means that it can very easily be transferred (copied) to a USB pen drive.
2. Another big improvement is that MeX now can run from RAM. Use Boot alternative 2 (load to RAM). When the system has booted up you can eject the disc (DVD)/USB stick. You’ll need at least 2 GB RAM to run MeX that way. The ISO file is of only 1750 MB so MeX will run super fast from RAM!
3. I have replaced Google Chrome with Firefox. Google Chrome is no longer needed to be able to run Netflix in Linux.

4. The best thing with this new MeX build – Create your own installable Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Live DVD with Refracta Snapshot (pre-installed)! The whole “remaster process” is so simple that a 10 year old child can do it.
5. I have installed Calamares Installer as in many of my other Linux builds. Calamares is an installer framework. By design it is very customizable, in order to satisfy a wide variety of needs and use cases. Very easy to use. You can use Calamares to install MeX on both UEFI computers and non UEFI computers (for example VirtualBox and VMware).
6. VirtualBox Guest Additions are pre-installed so you can run MeX in full screen in VirtualBox.

MeX Linux can be downloaded from – Fast, secure and free downloads from the largest Open Source applications and software director.

md5sum for MeX Linux ISO which is of 1750 MB.

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Todays Video – MeX 64 bit Linux based on Debian Sid and Ubuntu 22.04 LTS with Ubuntu Desktop (Gnome 40)!

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