Raspberry Pi Ubuntu 20.10

Ubuntu 20.10 Desktop installed and tested on a Raspberry Pi 400 and a Raspberry Pi 4, including comparisons with Raspberry Pi OS (which was until recently called Raspbian).

The Ubuntu Raspberry Pi pages, where you can download the OS, are here:

Balena Etcher can be downloaded here:

My review of the Raspberry Pi 400 is here:

And I have a video on different Raspberry Pi 64-bit operating systems here:

More videos on SBCs and broader computing and related topics can be found at:

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00:00 Introduction
00:44 Getting Ubuntu 20.10
06:03 First Boot (install)
08:49 Demo & Raspberry Pi OS comparison
12:05 YouTube tests
16:55 Wrap

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35 thoughts on “Raspberry Pi Ubuntu 20.10

  1. Thank you from everyone on the Ubuntu Desktop team for taking the time to showcase Ubuntu 20.10 on the Pi and sharing your experiences with your audience 🙂 There's some useful feedback for us in here, we'll investigate the fractional scaling issue for sure. We felt 4GB RAM was an honest minimum recommendation. While the desktop technically runs in 2GB RAM, as you illustrated, once you start opening applications you experience memory pressure and it somewhat limits what you can reasonably do.

    You'll find the complete Ubuntu family (including desktop) in Pi Imager, which can streams the compressed images directly to your SD card. Also Pi Imager supports xz compressed images that you may alreasdy have downloaded 🥳

    20.10 was our first outing on desktop and we actively working on improving graphics performance for the 21.04 release due in April next year. Some of the planned improvement come via close collaboration with engineers at Raspberry Pi 👍

  2. I installed ubuntu 21.10 on my RPi 4 which has 4 Go of RAM and it's so heavy for the Pi, the screen freezes when Windows browser are opened and when i do a "sudo apt-get install upgrade", the operating system crashes and it doesent work anymore, i tried to reinstall few times ubuntu 21.10 but i have always the same issue, so i turned to ubuntu mate 21.10, and it's really better and more stable for the Pi.

  3. Raspberry Pi OS is good, both in 2 GB and 4 GB. Ubuntu OS is good in 4 GB, but in 2 GB Raspberry works but, unfortunately, it starts to present problems.

  4. As you know Chris I watch and re-watch you videos. It is now 10/6/21 and I have used this OS on my pie and love it. I am still looking for my windows replacement OS. I like this old desktop better than the new ubuntu plasma desktop. I do not know how this will end up in the long run but it is fun to try them.

  5. I am grateful for the youtube tests I'm looking for a distro with the most performance, I want to buy Pi 4 for my sister and her kid and youtube will be like 80% of the usage, could you make a test of Ubuntu-mate 64bit with some comparisons on 8GB overclocked Pi and M.2 just the best performance state Raspberry Pi can be in?

  6. Thanks for your great viedos, you rock ! I especially love your (english) sense of humor.hat did I get wrong ? I cannot get Mate 20.04 to boot from USB even though my firmware is the latest !!! Running a 64 version on a PIO4 8GO (yeah I know this is a 21.10 review but I guess it is the same)

  7. The PI will never make it as a desktop part with the GPU that is packaged with it. I'm running Ubuntu 20.10 Mate with the RPI4 8GB and it just sucks on my 3440×1440 display. If I compare it to a NUC7PJYH, J5005 CPU, the performance on the sysbench cpu test is comparable, but the Intel 605 GPU just leaves the RPI GPU in the dust. I just have to look at the CPU almost maxing out when I scroll text in firefox because the GPU isn't doing its job.

  8. Is the streaming any better on the 4gb model with Ubuntu 20.10? Just curious if it was because of the ram swapping to disk in Ubuntu versus Raspberry OS.

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