Ubuntu Linux 101: Installing Cockpit on Ubuntu 18.04

In this video, we are installing “Cockpit” on Ubuntu.
“Cockpit” allows us to manage our server from a web GUI
“Cockpit” also allows us to manage Docker and KVM virtual Machines

all the commands used in the tutorial:

installing docker:

Please watch: “IaC: Infrastructure as Code: Jenkins As Code – QuickTip”


14 thoughts on “Ubuntu Linux 101: Installing Cockpit on Ubuntu 18.04

  1. i want make a home lab that use ubuntu as bare metal os and install docker in it, but it dont know which web interface is good. after watching your video, i think i will go with cockpit. so, thank you and keep it up!!!

  2. Thanks Video is great …but i am not able to change network to bridge/direct for vms .. my vms are running on only nat interface how to bridge it to lan …there is no option in network tab to edit … i am on ubuntu 18

  3. Hi Pascal
    Another great video.
    For Ubuntu 20.04 cockpit-docker is not available through the repository, it has been deprecated. Recommendation? Some suggestion use cockpit-podman but it seems early days.

  4. i have to admit the network config is a little confusing, i was sure ,how can you have a manual ip config, and yet still get automatic dns services and search domains? where does ubuntu get those?

  5. can i use nmtui while netplan is being used?
    when activated nmtui , i saw i had 2 connections, one is named wired connectiohn, the other was ens160-netplan (and had a device mac)
    when i dug inside i saw my netplan dir had 2 files
    01-netcfg.yaml and 01-network-manager-all.yaml
    the first also had a configuration entry for ethernets and dhcp, while the 2nd had just the version and renderer,
    i'm assuming i don't need both.

  6. I finally did it today on RHEL8 on aws, KVm docker(not officially supported on rhel) both done. I am so happy after seeing the networking and docker tabs showing up in the menu. thanks a ton mate, your video helped!

  7. Thank you for the Video! Is there any possibility to Change VM Settings after the Setup, or to select the Plath to the Diskfile?

  8. I need to run a redhat server and then create multiple vms like kali, ubuntu, windows and network them together. i am trying to install graphical x11 in server and vnc but when i access via rdp full screen it too slugish (aws), tried tiger vnc tight vnc etc same. but when i create a windows server i can use rdp very smmothly. i came across your video I will try this cockpit workaround to create vms without virtualbox gui using kvm…very informative. thanks

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