AirBnb Co-Hosting ZERO RISK Investment! | Jorge Contreras

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In this video, I answer all of your questions around Airbnb co-hosting like: what is an Airbnb co-host? Is it worth it? What do co-hosts do? How much do co-hosts make? and more. Let me know if I left anything out in the comments below!

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0:00 What is an Airbnb Co-Host & is it Worth it?
1:03 What is Airbnb Co-Hosting?
3:48 Low Risk, Low Reward
5:40 Key Responsibilities for Co-Hosts
8:00 3 Keys to Co-Hosting Airbnb Properties

Learn how to become a co-host here:

Jorge Contreras here and I help people make money as Airbnb hosts and help them invest in short-term rental properties. From being broke while investing in my first property in 2012 to becoming a millionaire by the age of 29, I’m excited to share everything I’ve learned about creating a successful Airbnb hosting & short-term rental business.

On this channel, I’ll help you take the first steps in starting your business as an Airbnb host and answer questions like: How can I be an Airbnb host without owning property? How can I make $100,000+ through Airbnb? Is being an Airbnb host worth it? And so much more.

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