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This video tutorial shows you how to install and use GNS3 VM 2.2 (2.2.33) using VMware Workstation 16 Pro on Debian 11 Bullseye.

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Downloading and Importing GNS3 VM: 0:00
Enabling the GNS3 VM: 4:25
Adding IOS to GNS3 VM: 5:50
Creating a New Project: 7:12
Disabling the GNS3 VM: 12:50
Deleting the GNS3 VM: 16:15

You can follow the steps below to install and configure GNS3 VM using VMware Pro virtualization software in #Debian 11 Bullseye distribution.

Step 1: Install GNS3 and VMware Workstation Pro software on your Linux system.

Step 2: Before configuring the GNS3 VM, after installing the necessary software on your computer, visit the link below.

Step 3: After viewing the Download GNS3 VM official website, download the virtual machine from the VMware Workstation and Fusion section.

Step 4: Go to Downloads and execute the unzip command in the terminal to extract the downloaded zip file to the folder.

Step 5: After making sure that you have extracted the GNS3 virtual machine file with the OVA extension to the folder, open the Workstation software.

Step 6: Click File / Open from the tool menu and specify the location of the GNS3 VM.ova file.

Step 7: When the Store the new Virtual Machine window opens, configure the location where you want to install the virtual machine, and then click Import.

Step 8: After importing the GNS3 virtual server, run it and check the IP address it receives. To test the connection, ping the virtual server from the terminal.

Step 9: After installing the #GNS3VM, now run the GNS3 software and select Run appliances in a virtual machine on the Setup Wizard screen that opens.

Step 10: Select the IP block of the GNS3 VM from the IP addresses in the Host Binding section.

Step 11: After successfully connecting to the GNS3 server, select VMware on the VM screen and configure the number of virtual processor cores to 2 or higher.

Step 12: After configuring the server type, check the settings in the summary window and close the wizard.

Step 13: You can check that the connection is established from the Servers Summary section on the right panel of GNS3.

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