How to secure a Linux sever (Debian) – Full Video

Today we will be adventuring into the world of Linux server security. The OS we will be working on is Debian 10 and this guide will work with almost any Linux server OS especially Debian based OSes.

We will go over the following:
– Static your IP 06:28
– Disable Root 12:22
– Create an encrypted key for SSH 22:20
– Enable extra security features 49:57
– Install Fail2Ban 54:45
– Install UFW 56:54
– Create a encryption key using PuttyGen – 01:07:10

This video was created in VMware Workstation but can also be done in a live environment as well. I will show you step by step on how to secure your Linux server in VMware Workstation/Player. I also will provide all media used in the video down below.

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## Links to Items used in the video above ##
Downloadable Guide used in the video –

Download Debian 10 –

Download Linux Mint 19 –

Download Ubuntu 18.04 LTS –

### Links to VMware and How to begin you journey into Virtualization ###
Create a Free account at VMWare –

Download VMWare Player 15.5 –

WinWorldPC –

My YouTube Channel –

5 thoughts on “How to secure a Linux sever (Debian) – Full Video

  1. After I create the admin & log off.. it doesn't let me log back into admin.. so I am stuck at 17mins into this tutorial… Can anyone help me?? When I log back in.. the only way is to use the original logins given to me by the hosting company..
    I check & it tells me that admin is created.. but I can't go any farther into the tutorial..

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