Judge Joe Brown on the Joy Reid-hosted "The Culture Is: Black Women"

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45 thoughts on “Judge Joe Brown on the Joy Reid-hosted "The Culture Is: Black Women"

  1. I see similar situation everyday like the Judge said! Every workplace has a dress code, policies I just don’t understand why black men and women going outside with uncombed, untidy, dirty hair when did this foolishness started? Black people should be working for black owned businesses, companies if they choose to go against any company policies! But do parents families and friends approved such laziness?

  2. Today's black women have a distain for blackmen in the same manner as white men. Blackmen dictate the culture to the world through our our athletics and music. The world love us (Blackmen) . We represent a soft power that education black women hates. They believe their education should place them at the for front of black culture. As a result of that belief they will take any step to throw shade on black men. Even work with racist white men to under cut us.

  3. The crown act eh? So an employer has no right to have their employee
    1. Dress properly
    2. Have nice clean hair
    3. Expect high IQ (because education)
    4. Have religion (because discrimination)
    On top of other regulations and high taxes.
    These activist dumb..

  4. If a white man does not want you to marry his daughter…respect it. All men have the right to want a son in law of acceptable racial background. It is okay to have a racial preference for your children.

  5. As far as your hair, If you ever meet a person who can’t say “Happy I’m Nappy, walk away. Is that a damn chain around her neck? All of them are problematic women. Do your research.

  6. i dont care if my maternal father never taught me how to tie my shoes 👞 but he is teaching me to drive a semi truck 🚛 my father cant press me about who i love but i will press my maternal father about the holy spirit and how far it brought me into surviving

  7. The bottom line is ,this thing called going natural is just a excuse for laziness, this is just a bunch of black women sitting around a table that did not have any men in their lives of any significance, Which comes from a lack of black male leaders in the household, which was carefully orchestrated by the puppet masters ,it’s called predestination

  8. Judge I think the Persians are Arians also. My uncle was a Greek Egyptian who was educated in Egypt. And he told me that the Persians were the Arians. Maybe both of you are correct?

  9. Dana can I get some feedback from you and Judge Brown concerning Juneteenth, and the Professor Dr. Walter Greason from Malcaster college information contradicts Judge Brown information about Juneteenth and the dates. I would love to get clarity about Juneteenth dates, because I also read about 1866 dates and I thought the dates were changed!

  10. Bw showing there disdain for bm on fathers day is another example of how a LARGE number of bw are moving like Ws. Pls dont come in here saying "Its not all bw". If u cant show where u calling bw out for all the hate they throw at bm then u are the same as these hyenas. If u cant spk up when bw attack bm then just admit ur ok with it

  11. ITS ALLLLLL INTENTIONAL… and black men do think the pinnacle of life us white.. niggas will kill you over a white woman and step over a black woman to kill you over a white woman.. and when you say you can't find a black woman you're just settling for a white woman.. so cut the games( although we do have too many sistas with ignorant attitudes)

  12. America's system of perpetuating White Supremacists sociocultural constructs is in direct control of the mainstream media narratives presented to the general population. Just an observation. 🤨

  13. Dana can you and Judge Brown contact me and I would like to discuss with you and the judge about the correct information about JUNETEENTH. I KNOW THAT JUDGE BROWN HAS SPOKEN ABOUT JUNETEENTH AND IT'S INCORRECT DATES. I WOULD LIKE TO GET SOME CLARITY ABOUT JUNETEENTH FROM JOE BROWN.

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