What's Going on in Allegan? Katherine Hosting For the Republic

Katherine talks with Lando about her case, his case, the Allegan County Sheriff Deputy that shot a young man during a traffic stop, a deputy-citizen accident killing a 74 yr old.

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10 thoughts on “What's Going on in Allegan? Katherine Hosting For the Republic

  1. Allegan Michigan better rethink on who they're going to be voted in for the sheriff cuz that is the number one person who can take your rights away Allegan better pay attention to when it comes to voting and do their research if they still want to keep their freedom…

  2. An Allegan County Sheriff just shot an unarmed White Man a few days ago. It didn't even make the News hardly.. The Sheriff said that Allegan County is too poor to purchase Body Cams. Maybe they just don't want the Public to see how Corrupt they are.

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