Flosstube Extra • WIP PARADE & We are hosting a SAL 🎊

Hi everyone!

Thanks for joining me in another flosstube extra. I’ve been stitching for about 6 months on and off and wanted to do a WIP parade. It’ll be fun to track my progress over the years with you all, my sweet stitchy friends.


Both @The Museum Stitcher and I will be stitching Summer Quakers by rosewood manor and we hope to see all your beautiful stitching along the way. Please hashtag on Instagram #SUMMERQUAKERSSSAL so we can follow along with you! Feel free to join in even if you’ve already started your piece.

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12 thoughts on “Flosstube Extra • WIP PARADE & We are hosting a SAL 🎊

  1. Your projects fantastic and your knitting amazing! I would imagine you watch Knitting Traditions (Inga). You two are my idols! Hundred Acre Wool is fabulous as well! I am an intermediate knitter and have yet to tackle a sweater! The 2 for your grandmother are beyond words!! I am so looking forward to your start on Summer Quakers! I have the pattern, but need some fabric and the threads! I may join your SAL at some point! Thanks for sharing! You are so fun to watch and The Museum Stitcher is definitely your twin! Happy Stitching!

  2. You’ve got some GORGEOUS WIPs girl! And your project bag is beautiful, congrats on your first zipper!🪡That sweater for your grandmother is absolutely stunning!! I’ve got a piece I need to knit that has a whole bunch of color changes and floats and I’ve never done that before… I may be hitting you up for some knitting tips closer to Christmas lol! Fabulous video as always, I definitely added some more patterns to my wish list while watching! 😍

  3. What a delight to wake up to Your Six Week Check-In…..as a Nubie to Cross Stitch You are a”shot in the arm” full of energy…..western Washington has been my home for the last 58 years as I came to go to PLU and couldn’t get enough of the textures of sky….mountains galore and water water water…… and independently declared “I was making IT my home to my folks 800 miles away……as a “Norske” also it takes my breathe away…..so this 72 year old “Mema”……is your newest fan……

  4. Very good video!!! Loving all the projects! I love the fabric for Halloween quakers I would change the color that fabric is stunning 😍 good for you for learning how to make zip bags 😊

  5. You are hilarious, love your sense of humor and of course your WIPS and stitching! I actually also got into cross stitching in the beginning of this year and it has been an amazing journey for me, and dang expensive too! 😂

  6. Loved your WIP parade, your projects are so wonderful and I am going to
    enjoy watching your progress. Cheering you on! Those sweaters are so beautiful
    your Grandmother will cherish them. Can't wait to see what you have for us in
    your next video. Happy Stitching!

  7. It’s me again Megan, yes I know what you are saying about mistakes, I have been off 1/2 stitch and could not let it go! I too am hard on myself and will through out the project. I really waste a lot of money because I am a perfectionist. My daughter use to get on me all the time. Now I tell no one. Thanks again Megan😘

  8. Good morning Megan!! You are adorable and I enjoy your wip parades. I really don’t know what it is about you but you remind me of Adele!
    Your stitching is beautiful! Thank you Megan for sharing your stitches with us!!😘

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