Free WordPress Hosting (Simple Method) X10hosting Setup

In this video we’re going to teach you a way to set up free WordPress hosting on your own domain name, which is going to be a very useful thing to know if you’re a blogger or if you’re somebody who is looking to start a website, and you want to use WordPress, but you don’t have a lot of money to spend. To do this you’re going to need to use a free hosting provider.

Most companies that claim to provide free hosting are usually too restrictive or spoil your design by forcing the site to load ads. In this case however, we’ve found a method that is simple, clean, fast and easy to access.

17 thoughts on “Free WordPress Hosting (Simple Method) X10hosting Setup

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  2. Thanks for your videos. So I setup my free server at oracle thanks to your tutorial. And setup a system called Kasm Workspaces. Whats really cool is you can have a close to impossible to break, desktop (ubuntu), browser (chromium) and some other things running in a tab in any browser. Perfect for testing a bad webpage or program on a ubuntu machine and then delete it like nothing ever ran. It does this thru docker containers… It really works well. There would be more containers it would have something for if you host on x86 procs but the choices are fewer on ampere cores it seems. But thanks again for making these videos.

  3. Hi Alex, great tutorial as usual, but i ran into some problems, the site is so slow even with the vanilla installation (default theme and plugins, but i guess thats because of the limitation of the free offer) also it takes FOREVER to load the admin panel (wp-admin), is there any solution for this?

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