[LIVE] itsHapa hosting CUSTOMS & Caldera with the SQUAD #Warzone #Aguascalientes #Caldera

Chasing dubs on the daily

We try to always get the dub but sometimes the conversation and other things get in our way.
Come and support your boy from 919 Angier, North Carolina
We are currently located in Aguascalientes Mexico and trying to grow this respectful community
A lot on here are jokes and some of us know each other for years.
I have a 1.40 KD right now with 300 wins on the BIG BOY MAP (Verdansk and Caldera)
Sometimes when I pop off I am a Caldera Demon 😈🔥
Come stop by and be a part of our family!!!👥🫂
#CallofDuty #Warzone #Caldera #WarzoneMeta #RebirthIsland #Aguascalientes

Donations are never expected but are GREATLY appreciated!!!!!!


Thank you all for tuning in!!!!

itsHapa Stream: https://youtu.be/vI5ZQTesLok

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