Multiplayer Server Hosting Guide – The Forest – Guide to Server Hosting – 128 Players

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To download file click the link below: Assembly-CSharp.dll
If the ABOVE dosnt work, Try the one BELLOW AFTER!


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21 thoughts on “Multiplayer Server Hosting Guide – The Forest – Guide to Server Hosting – 128 Players

  1. Hi guys.
    Huge problem and i need help fast!
    i have 2 problems
    1. There is no serverlog.txt in The Forest steam location. 
    I have tried uninstalling 
    2. When i launch the forest the the file applied i always get a black screen!
    please help

  2. Hey guys i have hamachi and would like for you guys to play. my hamachi id  is :The forest 108 the password is :the forest (space needed caps not on password)

  3. Hi, thanks for the helpful video. However, my main menu is blank except for the effigy. I've restarted several times but it does not seem to be working still. Also, I do not have a serverlog.txt file in my folder. 

  4. After I did everything you said in the video i started up the game but now all the menu options are gone. All that i see is the effigy of the 2 heads, if you know how to fix it id appreciate it

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