Ubuntu 21.10: What's New?

Ubuntu 21.10 was released on October 14. In this video I highlight key changes and best new features the release comes with, including GNOME 40, a new light theme, Linux kernel 5.13, and Wayland support for NVIDIA users.

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29 thoughts on “Ubuntu 21.10: What's New?

  1. Brother … I've Intel I3 5th Gen Laptop.. With 2 GHZ processor.. Should i Install The Ubuntu 21.10 ?? IF Not Then What I Should Install For A Very Smoother Experience … Pls Reply Bro…

  2. Thanks for your efforts regarding computational techniques and tricks. I have one question please upload a video asap for you. I am facing the error " No space left on device in Ubuntu".
    I am waiting for your positive feedback about my probelm.

    Thanks in advance 🤝

  3. I kinda wish they ditched the dock extension. Now that GNOME 40 uses a bottom-aligned dock, the left-aligned Ubuntu dock makes little sense. I find it strange that Canonical is able to make a big change like ditching Unity incredibly easily, but letting go of a left-aligned dock it WAAAYYY beyond them. Oh, and desktop icons have never made sense on GNOME 3, so I still can't figure out why anybody keeps them.

  4. As with every single Ubuntu version I have installed – videos freeze every single day. This is a brand new computer purchased specifically to be as updated as possible hoping to avoid this problem. It is a persistent and annoying problem for millions of Ubuntu users. There has to be a fix for this nonsense. Having a brand new computer freeze up 20 times a day is not acceptable. Why can't linux fix this problem. Almost everybody has it except for you, apparently. You are one lucky guy.

  5. Wayland with the Nvidia proprietary driver which is needed to use Optix rendering in Blender? Does it work well without weird issues, at least as stable as Wayland on Radeon?

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