Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Vs Fedora 36 | The BEST Linux OS of 2022!

Fedora 36 and Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, both released back to back pretty at the same time. Both of these distros are one of the biggest names in the Linux scene. At the same time, they are radically different from each other. But which among them is the best? How they compare against each other? Which among these two is better for you? Ubuntu or Fedora?

Right from their philosophy, to the way they look, Ubuntu and Fedora are contrastingly far away from each other. I installed both these distros on my computer and have been playing with them for some time now. And today, we’ll be seeing how the new Ubuntu 22.04 and the latest Fedora 36 compare against each other in terms of Speed, performance, looks, stability, gaming, and all the other aspects.

Download Ubuntu 22.04 LTS:

Download Fedora 36:

Install Ubuntu Step-By-Step Guide:

Install Fedora Step-By-Step Guide:

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