Ubuntu Touch – First Impressions on Volla Phone

My first impressions of Ubuntu Touch running on the Volla Phone.
I show a general overview of the system.

What do you think about Ubuntu Touch?
Is it too cumbersome? How about performance?
Would you rather choose Android than Ubuntu Touch?

16 thoughts on “Ubuntu Touch – First Impressions on Volla Phone

  1. so expensive. even windows phone was around 250$. sorry but for a smartphone light with such limited features plus open source os, you shouldn't sold it for 400$. between 150$ and 200$ like pinephone is more decent.

  2. In fact I find ubuntu on a phone to be surprisingly sexy! Obviously it could be faster to open native apps but this probably comes from the old hardware.

  3. Great video. I’m using Ubuntu Touch on a Nexus 5 & 7. They’re in great condition, but they are 8 years old. The Volla Phone seems like a great alternative, but I don’t think it’s sold in North America. One thing I learned from this video is that Ubuntu Touch supports a fingerprint reader. Never seen anyone demo that on Youtube before.

  4. FTR When you are in carousel mode you can swipe down on and application to close it. It was bugging me when you said you couldn't go back to the desktop with an open app and how many you had open uncessrily. 😉

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