What are the Differences Between Linux Distributions [ Debian | Slackware | Redhat ]

I quickly go over the major Linux distros – Debian, Slackware and Redhat

17 thoughts on “What are the Differences Between Linux Distributions [ Debian | Slackware | Redhat ]

  1. ubuntu is worthless an unreliable just use good old apt-get install on a Fresh install of Debian Stretch and customizit friom the debian graphical installer

  2. Well, I hoped that I will see here the main differences, but the video is very general. So I will leave here my Linux-Story, perhaps it will be helpful for someone considering some distros. I lost my "lirginity" with OpenSUSE many years ago, as a teenager. It looked OK but everything was so difficult xD But well, moving from the usual "download, install and use" WinXP user to linux must be difficult if you are the one to administrate that system for yourself and other users. Then after some years I tried Kubuntu and it was much better (also because of the progress made in "Linux zone" and my personal knowledge being much better). Then I tried Ubuntu [with gnome back then] and Xubuntu for different ancient machines. Never stayed for longer though. Then again some break and a comback to Ubuntu [Unity] for sisters' (and mother's) PC, which they are using up to this day (internet, videos, music, office work, email, communication and moving some data from/to phones, pendrives etc etc) without any problem. I write this comment on Linux Mint (Cinnamon) installed in dual-boot config along with Win10 and so far I find it the best distro I have ever used. It's fast, looks good, it's customizable in a decent way (somehow I always held a grudge to Ubuntu for being so good and yet looking so depressing, no customization could really help xD) and it's pretty intuitive and has quite decent set of software coming with it. At some point I will also test Fedora and come back and see how my old SUSE is doing (I have seen it in a library at my university not so long ago but for obvious reasons couldn't really play with it the way I would like to :P) but for today, if you are sort of a new to linux then basic Ubuntu or Linux Mint are the best shots IMO, where Mint require a bit more of confidence (not knowledge! Just if you are sort of the user which is constantly afraid of breaking something with pressing this or that and yet you are forced to use Linux then I would go with Ubuntu) from the user 😀

  3. The difference between the distributions is that Debian rocks and RedHat sucks. However, when it comes to writing code, RedHat/Fedora has contributed to the world of open source much more than all the other distros.

  4. Bull shit! Redhat is not business oriented. It's used by serious people who want a solid and stable OS. I use Redhat on my server and workstation and it is great. I've tried Ubuntu, and it is ok…but not for my taste. I've also tried Suse and found it some what daunting. That said, as a generalist, Debian is a rock solid OS and Redhat is also solid, but as a user, I find Redhat to be more my cup of tea.

  5. I've just gotten Mint 16 Mate, and I'm having a LOT of trouble getting my wifi to work.  An acquaintance has suggested RedHat, Fedora and CentOS.  As you mentioned, they seem more business geared.  I'm wondering if Ubunto or Damien are more user-friendly as far as getting hardware to work. i.e. wifi

  6. I came here to see the pros and cons of the three major branch distros, as the title of the video implies. I thought you started off very well when you were talking about Debian, then kind of flew through the other two. :/

  7. The ranking on distrowatch is only based on page views. Mint is the most visited distro on distrowatch because the distrowatch page of mint comes on the first page of google. If you google ubuntu the distrowatch page comes on the second page of google, which nobody visits.

  8. dude, u r extremely biased. Fedora for business? Redhat too corporate? What about Ubuntu? Fedora is less business oriented then Ubuntu it is 100% Free Software and community driven distro. Why make a video on a subject you know nothing about? You couldn't even describe slackware… dude. please.

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