Big Trinamool Protest Outside Guwahati Hotel Hosting Rebel Sena MLAs

Outside the hotel in Guwahati where Shiv Sena rebels are staying, the Trinamool Congress staged a massive protest this morning.

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42 thoughts on “Big Trinamool Protest Outside Guwahati Hotel Hosting Rebel Sena MLAs

  1. This is a small example if the Collation party forms a government, any given day it will break, so in 2024 vote wisely for a party that can be for 5 years and not fighting for PM post, even though I am a neutral Hindustani 🇮🇳 and does not belong to any political party, in the 2024 Elections also mandate should be given to BJP only, so atleast 5 years Term will be completed and few new Companies might come to India.

  2. I don't support BJP but ShivSena deserves this as they contested the 2019 elections with BJP using Modi's posters and support and then after securing the seats they immediately ditched them and formed the govt. with NCP and INC compromising their ideology and voters. They wanted CM position with only 55 seats. WE ALL KNOW WHO WAS HUNGRY FOR POWER. (NCP, SS and INC who compromised on their ideologies and politic positions).

  3. Most reports mention the Trinamool as the party leading the largest protests in Assam. What is the Congress doing?

    The Congress is supposed to have a dual stake in this matter: they are part of the government in Maharashtra that is being held ransom by this rebellionl, PLUS they are supposed to be an opposition party in Assam where the CM is busy meeting these 'rebels' instead of attending to flood relief.

    So, why is the Trinamool so much more visible on the streets of Assam than the Congress? What matters more to the Congress – their coalition government in Maharashtra being destabilized or one of their MP's being interrogated by the ED?

  4. Take these politicians to stay in the flood affected areas and allocate the hotel to people who are in dire need ! But obviously the government will support their own politicians. Comman men left to suffer !

  5. Bjp – shivsena got clear majority after 2019 polls and then we know who created govt and that is ethical and democracy for leftists Don't lecture others when you yourself aren't perfect

  6. कहां से पैसा आया चार्टर्ड प्लेन से लेकर 5 स्टार होटल तक, कौन बुक क्या है, कहां है ईडी

  7. आसम में बाढ़ से लोग परशान है, और वहां का मुख्यमंत्री महाराष्ट्र का विधायक का इंतेजाम में व्यस्त है, बेशर्म

  8. Wow what a innovative discovery of topic for political protest… tmc should concentrate on their own party.. tommaorw they are going to face this kind of situation..

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