Installing i3wm on Xfce (Xubuntu 18.04)

I’ve ventured into i3wm and haven’t left yet!

Feeble Nerd’s i3wm Xubuntu Guide:

i3wm Documentation:

My Dot Files:

i3config lines of code:

for_window [class=”.*”] border pixel 0

exec –no-startup-id nitrogen –restore

I hope this video was helpful to you! Give thanks for watching!

—System Specs—
Intel Core i7 8700k
EVGA nVidia GTX 1080
16gb RAM
Xubuntu 18.04

19 thoughts on “Installing i3wm on Xfce (Xubuntu 18.04)

  1. Worked well, im still going to config my 2º monitor but so far so good! Despite gnome and kde being aweasome DEs, ive learned to respect a little more the xfce modularity, stability etc… to bad its kinda slow maintained now.

  2. Can the $mode_system shortcut notification thing to appear on the panel? or in lxpanel?
    It would of great help if that was figured out.
    Thank you

  3. I know this video is a year old but you REALLY should do more videos on Linux and even on i3. You explain things very well; you would be good at this. You just need to do more consistent videos and you would build viewership.

  4. I don't know why but the command "sudo apt install i3 wm" does not work. There is no package found. I ran bleachbit over the system, and then did "sudo apt-get update" and then I ran "sudo apt update". Then I tried the command sudo apt install i3 wm again. No wm package found. I opened up synaptic package manager and searched for i3 wm. Then I found "i3-wm". Is it supposed to be "i3-wm" ?

  5. Congratulations crazy the video (content) .. I love Arch + Xfce4, but also i3. So I have both installed on lap top acer, but I use the i3 much more. I have both together in the same partition, so it looks like Arch + i3 with some xfce4 apps (like Thunar and etc). Brother I'm thinking here will be that runs xunbuntu + i3 + polybar? As I like to customize my desktop / interface a lot, on my i3 i have i3-gaps with polybar …. finally I will review your video calmly because I do not speak English (I'm translating it now in google translator, rsrsr) later I will get more content on the subject I want to try on my Arch …. a save straight from Brazil brother …

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