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Denise Salcedo hosts QuizzleMania 49! Who knows what she has in store for her guests Tempest, Luke Owen, Sullivan Beau Brown, Sean Ross Sapp, Alex Queen of the Ring and the debuting Will Washington!

Follow our guests:

Alex QOTR: https://twitter.com/queenoftheringg
SRS: https://twitter.com/SeanRossSapp
Will Washington: https://twitter.com/WilliamRBR
Sullivan: https://twitter.com/sullivanbeau
Luke: https://twitter.com/ThisisLukeOwen
Tempest: https://twitter.com/TempestWT

48 thoughts on “QuizzleMania 49 – HOSTED BY DENISE SALCEDO

  1. Kicking SRS in the balls, turning on Will and whatever I forget so quickly. How many times can Denise keep turning on people? She is a Big Show at this moment, lol.

    Great trainwreck to watch

  2. Thumbs down 👎🏽 😂 how are you gonna screw Will like that. Cant even get the W before being cashed in on. Which made zero sense haha if Denise is ever on again as host, no one should even try 🤣 what’s the point!

  3. A car crash so majestic you couldn't look away!!!! 😂😂😂😂 Loved this whole Quiz but we do need Will back next month so he can actually get what's his. Was fuming for him but that comedy bit near the end made my day. Congrats on the Quizzlemania folks, thank you for always making me laugh with all of your content. Nrb, Pfk, Wrestletalk or otherwise.

  4. I love how we are in a middle a paper storage and Denise had 6 people waste all that toilet paper. lol
    also I also love how the QM wiki has Will as the REAL winner and SRS's 7th reign was a screwjob.

  5. I didn’t realise until this episode that Adam is Professtional Wrestling and Denise is Sports Entertainment…. I can’t remember the last time I was entertained this much, thought I would really hate this turns out I loved it

  6. So in the mask T.P mask contest, Denise 100% went with sully because she knew wills was the best and will would win the poll, and she didn't want to give all the points to will. Lol.

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