Ubuntu Is No Longer Exciting. They Should Make These Changes.

One thing that is obvious to anyone that has been around Linux for a number of years is that there is not the same level of excitement with the new Ubuntu releases as in the early years. What happened? Where did it all go wrong? And what changes could Ubuntu make to correct this?

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33 thoughts on “Ubuntu Is No Longer Exciting. They Should Make These Changes.

  1. Who cares if Ubuntu isn't "exciting" anymore? The purpose of an OS isn't to be exciting. The purpose of an OS is to run your goddamned programs without crashing. Wanting OSes to be exciting is the reason the Linux community is fractured into a zillion different fly-by-night distros instead of everyone focusing on making a handful of really good distros.

  2. New exciting features, which nobody use it🤣🤣 so true. I tried Ubuntu now after 15 years. I like simple get go experience. But there is so many kind of philosophy troubles. Personally I like gnome in Ubuntu because it's only interesting thing in it. Ubuntu rolling? No please they will destroy it by some stupid changes 🤣
    Zorin don't work in my machine so what about kind of zorinbuntu? I like their desktop so much

  3. You are missing hole point of Ubuntu

    Goal to not use slavely monitory system.

    Dear God good above please help to to grow spritually & physically please.

    PrivateFederal non reserve banks are stealing most exchanging power this guy doesn't get it at all.

  4. So u say that they have to change de to something "exciting" because gnome is "boring" and recommend a bunch of windows95-like desktops . Gnome is the most fresh and polished de. Its worth to give it a shot and adopt his workflow. U just hate it because other reasons

  5. 13:32 I disagree. I like gnome better than Unity. Unity was great, but i don't think it has a future anymore. Perhaps another modern d.e. , but i think gnome is already close to the "modern d.e." A rolling release model it's a hit or miss. The major problem with Gnome on rolling-release distros is gnome-shell-extensions, which is one of the best things in gnome. Half of them works only on older gnome-shells, like in Debian stable or Ubuntu lts

  6. 3:02
    that's me right there. I use arch, but not effectively. you guys are configuring drivers, and all I can do is set up KDE plasma. still a great distribution, even if the advantages don't apply to me.

  7. Ubuntu has brought linux to the front line of every server and desktop, boosting linux populariry, and now its own comunity is talking BS about it. Ungratefull comunity

  8. I went straight from Ubuntu to vanilla Arch, and I had only ever installed Ubuntu in VM's at school. So the first Linux distribution I ever installed on my own hardware was vanilla Arch on a Lenovo ThinkPad W550S.

    Furthermore, since I'm crazy and wanted to see if I could, this was how that setup worked:
    I had a USB drive with an 8192 KB LUKS-encrypted keyfile and an external LUKS header on it. Without that thumb drive being inserted, the machine booted straight into Windows. With the thumb drive inserted, it was mounted as /boot, and you booted into rEFInd. Then when you selected Arch, you would be prompted for a LUKS password, which would be used to decrypt the LUKS-encrypted keyfile, and the decrypted keyfile would be used to decrypt the main partition, and the LVM volumes would be mounted and you'd get into Arch.

    It took me a week or two to figure out how to modify Arch's encrypt hook and how to do all that, but it was a great learning experience.

  9. I am looking for good distro base on debian – KDE. I am using Kubuntu now. Do you know wchich one is good ? i was using mint …I see KDE is better then Cinnamon

  10. That's totally true but I think other problem is that when a newbie wants to try out Linux the go directly for Ubuntu cause is the most known and they stay on it just cause they think that's the best Linux can offer.

  11. I more-or-less agree with your view on the Gnome Foundation. I think some of the ideals they support are good, but they seem to care more about idealism than writing good code – and not to mention that they support some otherwise good movements that fail to condemn the bad actors that commit crimes in their name (not naming names, but you mentioned the big one).

    The Gnome desktop, while it has some interesting ideas that can work well for the post-WIMP era, is an overall clunky experience that is produced by people that I increasingly don't want to associate with, not because I necessarily disagree with them, but because they are just too widely political. I don't want that human bloatware.

  12. I know several people in their 80s who love Ubuntu because of its simplicity and reliability. They don’t want it to be exciting. They just want it to work with the minimum of messing about. The same goes for the great majority of users of all ages I suspect.

  13. I hate GNOME but now that you said that they are involved with BLM, I like them more. Seriously, what's wrong with you to oppose a group that fights against unaccountable murders by police.

  14. I don't think anyone ever has described Ubuntu as exciting except maybe yourself. Occasionally controversial, but not as much anymore. And I like it that way, boring. And I'm glad they left the Unity dark times and not-invented-here syndrome behind, good riddance. I think one of their reasons for developing and adopting Snaps for desktop packages is to allow them to update apps major versions between releases. Whether Snap is good or evil is another debate entirely.

  15. Rolling releases are the only thing I use, period. We come to Linux because we like new and exciting stuff. I mean, that's why we distro hop a lot.

  16. Hey DT, I must ask, do you feel like the major contributors to open source listen to your views? I think you're one of the main Linux Channels and it's great to hear how you see things.
    That being said… I want a phone with convergence… I think it'd be awesome! to be able to have all my files, my desktop setup, my neovim config, my Xmonad running on a phone which I plug into a TV. Imagine going on holiday and plugging your phone into the hotel TV and being able to use it like a fully functional PC! I just think that would be cool as hell. A truly portable pc.

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