eznixOS114 Preview – Awaiting Debian Linux Bullseye 11.4 Release

eznixOS114 Preview – Awaiting Debian Linux Bullseye 11.4 Release
I have uploaded two testing ISOs of eznixOS114, both Xfce and KDE Plasma editions are now on my Sourceforge and OSDN.net download sites under a Testing folder. The KDE Plasma edition sees a few package additions to bring it into line with the Xfce edition. The Xfce edition is constructed in a slightly different manner, utilizing more granular package selections instead of the Debian Xfce4-Desktop meta package. Both ISOs are called alphas for the time being. I hope to have the official eznixOS114 releases available as soon as Debian pushes out the Bullseye 11.4 release. Thanks.

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2 thoughts on “eznixOS114 Preview – Awaiting Debian Linux Bullseye 11.4 Release

  1. Awesome stuff! So this is a try before you get a real one? Sweet!
    I do admire you. You put so much work into these projects so that so many other people out there can have a system that they created and made there own.

    That Hdd on my main box finely just keep getting so many bad blocks on it that its just to bad to use. Anyway it has forced my to finish some scripts I have been working on for several weeks. So for the last 6 days I have been putting in lots of hours of coding and testing.

    I have a sense of what you go through kinda… Lol
    This has put a stop on 4 videos that I've been working on as that is my video production box and I wanted to do this anyway… Lol
    I do have 2 other system I can use, this is just a excuse to finish this and install a new Hdd… 🙂
    "Why finish something. Wait until you Need It, then finish it… -Bruce 2022" 🤣

    Thanks for the video!
    LLAP 🖖
    Indiana Calling! Over and Out…..

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