UCP Leadership Panel tonight! Hosted by the Free Alberta Strategy

With fair treatment and increased independence for Alberta likely to be topics at the forefront of this panel’s discussions, it is encouraging to see that most of the leadership hopefuls are confirmed to be attending the event
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15 thoughts on “UCP Leadership Panel tonight! Hosted by the Free Alberta Strategy

  1. He is NOT talking about separation. Talking about separating income tax.ccp.uic.police force.transfer payments etc etc. Just like Quebec. Oh and shutting off the tap to our oil till we get a pipeline to the Atlantic provinces. We should join with Indigenous tribes to claim resource sovereignty from feds.

  2. How about turning back on the coal like some of the European countries have?
    Coal with scrubbers can be a clean and economic source of energy to lower the energy costs for everyone.
    God bless you all!

  3. If Albera separates, I will definitely go over there. Then Texas and Florida leave the US. And Alberta, Texas and Florida can get together ❤️.
    I'm tired of Ontario crap, and this freaking liberal- ndp government.

  4. trudolph divided canada and every province should separate ….they can have loose connection re passport and money but that is IT !!! people HATE trudolph and every party connected to him including ndp….

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