Wednesday Pop-Up Battle. Hosting for RNS who is stuck at work.

This channel is for the sole purpose of entertainment of Lottery Scratch Off Tickets. If any giveaways are conducted during the video, or live stream, they are being conducted by myself. YouTube is not a sponsor of my contest and requires users to release YouTube from any and all liability related to my contest.
Any winnings on my channel during a giveaway are as follows:
1. Must Be 18 yrs of age or Older.
2. Must have PayPal in order to receive winnings.
3. Winning Ticket Amounts are as follows:
A. any amount below $25 will be awarded to the winner.
B. any amount from $30 to $100 will be split 50/50 with this channel.
C. Max amount given to any winner will be $100 no matter the amount won.
D. Only 1 win per person per live stream, unless specified.
YouTube contest policies:

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