"Linux distros i cant stand" – Reaction video

So someone really don’t like some distros out there. Lat’s look at it.

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Zorin OS Responds to the Privacy Concerns

【Official Statement】Linux Deepin is not Spyware


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00:00 Intro
00:37 Reacting to the video
51:35 Ending notes

8 thoughts on “"Linux distros i cant stand" – Reaction video

  1. Well he did have “i“ in his title, it’s his opinion, who tf cares about it. Also can you make a video on how to install wifi driver on fedora if possible, or direct me to one🙏

  2. that person is another OMG muh telemtry data tin foil hat person. If you are worried about your datat that much get offline dont use anything electronic and use a debit card etc… Does go to show that Linux tracks your data as well. Those who cry about Microsoft aint crying much about ubuntu distros etc that track your data. They all do it it is what it is. lol.

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