10 Things to do on fresh install of ubuntu 22.04

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How to Install Firefox as a .Deb on Ubuntu 22.04 (Not a Snap)


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10 thoughts on “10 Things to do on fresh install of ubuntu 22.04

  1. I honestly prefer XFCE when it comes to Desktop GUI.
    What on Earth were they thinking when they decided to bundle Firefox with snap :/
    Thanks for the great video as always and have a wonderful week <3

  2. 1-download arch iso
    2-dd -if /home/user/Downloads/arch-linux.iso -of /dev/sdb
    3-reboot and open BIOS
    4-boot into USB
    5-install arch
    6-get angry at your computer bc you can't install the nvidia drivers
    7-somehow end up installing correct drivers and a working desktop enviroment
    8-go into a rabbit hole of improving performance by comically small margins after hours of work
    9-now you use arch btw 😉
    10-now all your enemies are only inside your puter

  3. Don I have set one of my Orange Pi Zero 2 boards to run Debian with the sole task of using a browser to connect to my Octoprint server running headless on a RPi3b+, I did try using the Octodash and Octoscreen with the Pi and a 7" touchscreen display but I cant get on with it as it does not allow the use of some of my plugins, is there a way to just have a browser only running? at present I have Firefox running with the IP of the pi set as home screen but it takes an age to start, what I would like is for just a browser to load on bootup with the IP set as the homescreen.

  4. any updates when your raspberry Pi desktop manager CONKY will work for the Pi 4 under Pi OS bullseye ?
    Buster did work, but Bullseye shows nothing after migration. Haven't you upgraded your Pi's to bullseye ?

    I have tested it for the Pi 4 (2 GB) and Pi 400 (2GB + 4GB) but it does not work after the upgrade. Would be fine to hear from you cause I have already checked your website.

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